On my corner

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

What to say?

Its been like almost month now and you're nowhere around or atleast you're not into sending my world into havoc. I was surfing along the web when I went to check my account in Myspace. (Which by the way, I only maintain because you're of the few friends I keep there). You uploaded a new photo.. hmm..

It was a candid shot of you in the office.. working on your computer. Damn! You're still so adorable! I hate this about you. Your charm still works on me and you're not even aware of it! I tried to capture the image thru my fone's camera but the computer's radiation kept interfering.

Darn! I wish I can hear you voice..

Thursday, January 20, 2005

These Dreams

I dreamt of you the other night, you sounded so sincere. We had promises exchanged, and I showed you a piece of string. Its like a symbol that I've been waiting for you. And I got lost in your kiss. I woke up with my lips still throbing.. feeling.. I just don't know why how it will never be meant to be. I still can't stop wondering about what it could have been, had it been me and you..

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Yesterday once more

I was chatting with a common friend yesterday, she asked me about me, on what has been going on with my life. I'm this near to spilling our little secret, but I chose not to. Its still sacred to me even though you haven't been around my yard for almost a week now. Not that I'm counting but, life has been silent lately.

She asked me about you, and I was alarmed that maybe she knows something. But she was pertaining to our yesterday. I can still say that maybe its just not meant to be. Our skeds never meet. Literally. She told me that she still believed you're the only one that can keep me sane and insane at the same time. I got lost through the course of the conversation, I was drawn back to our past.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Wrong Timing

About this. I wait and wait all day for that simple text and zilch! Back in the hey days, whenever He's free, I'm not, whenever I'm free, He's not. Some cycles are just so hard to break. We always catch eachother on a wrong time. Maybe its just never meant to be. How can something be promisingly good never get a chance to start?

I'm still so profoundly eager to get a "hi".

A little relief

The heat is on again last night. I must say, this one is rather different. The conversation started with hormones rushing in again. This is someone very bold and I seem to not mind the topic although we managed to avoid to say the word "sex". Its either he has no one left to talk to or he just enjoys how I take things and explain a bit.

Now the sensitivity of issues doesn't seem to bother any of us so it went on and on. Through the course of the conversation, I kind of confessed that I once had that curiousity on him or more of an "interest".

A sigh of relief.

bootie call

I'm realizing that on our "special relationship" as I see it, I'm just a bootie call. You would text whenever you're out in space and look for comfort in my zone. And you know what, I'm never half as glad.. in fact, I'm letting you in freely. Whatever it takes, you still gain access to everything.

He is one of the most insensive person I know! Although, I myself is okay with whatever we have. I'm the best conversationalist by being able to ride along. Or is it me exerting much effort for I know I can only keep Him this way? Part of me wants to be part of that "space". Something in me just goes with that.

Its just a bootie call